“Leadership can be
learned; in fact,
it has to be learned.
There are very few
born leaders.”

Peter Drucker


IT Leaders @ University of Wisconsin System
Program Overview and Goals

This Leadership Program for the University of Wisconsin System has been designed:

  • To enhance the professional and personal development of individuals who will play increasingly important management and leadership roles within information technology.
  • To broaden each participant's understanding of the strategic and technological issues facing the University of Wisconsin System.
  • To strengthen the relationships within and across the participating schools to foster the collaboration needed to leverage resources when working on common interests.

We have two videos that tell more about the program from the MOR team and from past program participants:


Program Design

Participants will enjoy a comprehensive program structured around three tracks...

leadership model

A Workshop Track

This track consists of five intensive workshop sessions focused on providing a conceptual framework while building selected competencies needed to fulfill the leadership and management roles particular to university IT organizations.

The five sessions are spaced over eight months, each with pre-work and application assignments to be completed between the sessions.

An Applied Learning Track

An applied learning track will engage participants in practicing the leadership ideas and lessons presented during the course of the program. Individuals will be encouraged to apply what they learn to their current work and report back on their experiences; they will engage in small experiments to test out new approaches; and they will explore strategic issues important to their field.

An Individual Development Track

Each participant is expected to commit to an individual development plan that includes receiving feedback from a 360° survey process, completing a self-assessment, establishing goals, and participating in one-on-one coaching sessions. This program component is designed to support people doing the individual "work on self" that is a critical dimension of the developmental process.

Please read our one page overview of coaching to find out how you can take best advantage of this opportunity.

Workshops in the Program

Session One • Leadership and Management
September 27-28, 2012 • Madison

Presence and Presentation
Defining Leadership & Management
Your Leadership Journey
Balancing the Important with the Immediate
Neuroscience and Leadership
The Power of Habit
Coaching for Results
Developing Practices

Session Two • Strategic Thinking
November 28-29, 2012 • Eau Claire

Introduction to Strategic Thinking
The Strategic Planning Process
Strategy Matters
Building Relationships: The Four I’s
Vision for This Learning Community
Creating an Individual Development Plan
Coaching on Your Development


Session Three • Building Your Interpersonal Skills and Exercising Influence
January 22-23, 2013 • Oshkosh

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
Mapping Your Network
Exercising Influence
The Leader’s Role as Communicator
SUCCES - Communication for Impact
Focusing on Development Goals, Getting Results


Session Four • Leading Change and Delivering Results
March 27-28, 2013 • Stout

Leading Change
The Three Lenses: Strategic, Political, Cultural
Stakeholder Mapping
Understanding Workplace Culture
Consulting on a Change Process: The EduChallenge Simulation
Delivering Results
Developing Measures in IT


Session Five • Developing People and Continuing Your Leadership Journey
May 15-16, 2013 • Madison

Talent Management, The Leader's Role in Developing People
Improv as a Leadership Skill
Leadership as Performance Art
Continuing Your Leadership Journey
Leadership & Ethics
Leaders Need to Be Resilient

Competencies Addressed by the Program

Click here for a list of the competencies.


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