Tuesday Reading

Thanks Giving, Gratitude

By: Jim Bruce

This week, at least in the United States, we celebrate Thanksgiving Day, traditionally a day of giving thanks for the harvest (that provides our food) and for the preceding year. History suggests that this celebration goes back in the United States at least to a 1621 feast in the Plymouth Colony celebrating a good harvest in the Colony’s first year.  This tradition, with both civil and religious roots, has continued and since 1941 has been celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.


By: Jim Bruce

Today’s Tuesday Reading, "Listening", was written by Zachary Jacques as a Leadership Reflection for the ITLP 2014 Leaders Program cohort.  Zach is Director of Research Administration Information Services at Cornell University.

Leadership is a Contact Sport

By: Jim Bruce

Today’s Tuesday Reading is actually a Marshall Goldsmith video “Leadership is a Contact Sport”.  

In this video Goldsmith teaches a very straightforward model for development as a leader or as a team member.  It has eight steps:

1.  Ask.  Create a habit of asking people important questions – how could I have done a better job on my last project?  How could I lead my team better?  How could I have better supported you?  You get the idea.


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