Essentials of Managing

Program Components

Essentials of Managing involves four key components:


Participants assess themselves on their effectiveness as a manager before and after the program to gauge their progress toward becoming a more effective manager. The self-assessment is entirely for the participant’s benefit, and while we encourage participants to share this information with their manager and direct reports, they are not obligated to do so.


The program is structured around six workshops where participants focus on core responsibilities in managing people. The workshops typically include short lectures, case studies with discussion, simulations of workplace situations and conversations, and the opportunity to reflect.

Web-Based Training

In preparation for some of the workshops, participants complete short web-based training modules. We expect that participants will complete these modules at their work site during work hours. Because the workshops are designed to build from these modules, it is important that participants complete them on schedule. During the program, we provide specific instructions to access these modules and get help if needed.

Manager Support

Participants are asked to communicate with their managers on an ongoing basis about the program to increase the likelihood of applying what they learn to their work at MIT. These conversations focus on:

  • Ideas for how to apply these learnings at work
  • Identifying obstacles to applying the learning
  • Strategizing about how to overcome these obstacles
  • Identifying ways in which the participant can share results of in-class work with other staff from the area/department

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