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360 Overview

What is the purpose of the 360?

The Managing for Excellence 360 will provide you with information from a variety of individuals, including yourself, on your effectiveness as a manager. You will use this information as the foundation to create your individual development goals, which you will revisit throughout the program.

Who completes the 360?

You ask people with whom you work closely (or have worked) to provide you with feedback (see a sample email to ask a rater). Typically, this includes your manager, peers, direct reports, and other colleagues. You also rate yourself.

You should think about inviting raters who can best comment on your management abilities. If you are new to your position, you might consider asking people from a previous job. If you have a work relationship that doesn’t fall neatly into one of our recommended categories, feel free to ask that person and designate them as “peer/colleague.”

To ensure confidentiality, at least two peers/colleagues and direct reports must respond for each group to be reflected in your report. If you don’t have two direct reports, you should select additional people from the peer/colleague category.

How do I get feedback?

After all of your raters have submitted their feedback, you will receive a compilation of their feedback in a report via email. The feedback is confidential, and you will not know how a specific person rated you except for your manager. This report is intended solely for your benefit and development.

Who sees my feedback?

Only you and one of the program’s 360 coaches will see your report. You will meet individually with your 360 coach to interpret the feedback and begin developing a few development goals. You can choose whether or not you want to share the feedback with anyone else. All of the 360 feedback and data is maintained by an outside, independent consulting firm, MOR Associates.

What happens after I interpret my results?

After meeting with your 360 coach, you will identify your management development goals. You will revisit them throughout the program to assess your progress and identify additional strategies to reach them successfully.

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