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The Leadership Journey Continues

MOR Associates is very pleased to announce to the IT Leaders community the 2011 IT Leaders Conference. In May 2005, the first IT Leaders Program class graduated. Including that group, 26 classes with participants drawn from 23 major universities have graduated from the program with 6 additional programs now underway. All along, program alumni have expressed a desire to get together on a regular basis to learn more, to reconnect with their colleagues and to meet new ones, to share how their experiences in the program have shaped their work, and also to have some fun.

Leading Change in Changing Times

“The Times They Are a-Changin'” was the title of songwriter Bob Dylan's 1964 album about social change. The title is just as appropriate today as it was then. This Conference will get you "up on the balcony" so you can develop the organizational and individual strategies needed to navigate the white water ahead.

There is an unusual confluence of forces and trends impacting IT in higher education at this juncture. This conference provides a forum where you and your colleagues can explore the implications of these developments and how your organization navigates this landscape.

Whether it is the financial challenge facing IT or the discontinuity in technology or the growing gap between today's IT environment and the expectations of incoming students“these times they are a-changin'.”

You will have a chance to hear from CIO's discussing what they think leaders need to be doing during these challenging times. You will hear from IT Leaders who have gone through external reviews and had to respond to the recommendations of the consultants who suggest universities could save millions by realigning IT. You will even hear from one of the consultants doing such reviews about the broad issues that emerge from these assessments. You will also have time to engage with your colleagues on what strategies you and your organization can adopt to help you address these challenges. Further detail on the Conference Agenda can be found on the Logistics Page.

More importantly than all these exceptional perspectives, you will have the chance to look out from the balcony and to reflect on your own leadership journey. This is a rare chance to draw on your colleagues collective wisdom and energy as you renew your own commitment to the leaderly behavior needed to meet these challenges.

Join Us and Continue this Leadership Journey at the IT Leaders Conference

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