360 Feedback Surveys

MOR 360 surveys have been administered to thousands of individuals, including high-potential individual contributors, managers of all stripes, senior leaders, medical doctors, and university professors.

Standard Instruments

We offer four levels of standardized instruments:

Senior Leader 360
Senior Manager 360
Manager 360
Individual Contributor 360

Key Features

  • Core instrument provides useful feedback
  • Customization options
  • Great reports
  • Easy web administration
  • Coaching options
  • For large-scale efforts, optional aggregate reports provide sponsors with a window on the organization as a whole.

Customized Surveys

MOR is the vendor of choice for the design and administration of in-house 360 surveys at Stanford, MIT, Penn, and Berkeley Lab, where we have administered many hundreds of surveys.

Though it may seem like a simple matter of naming desired competencies and asking questions about them that make sense, the fact is, developing a sound 360 survey is vastly more difficult than that. At the same time, there’s real value in an organization determining what competencies it deems are most important. We offer customized surveys and reports that combine the best elements of customized and standardized 360s.

Coaching Services

Experienced MOR coaches are available to shared the results through one-on-one debriefs.

For institutions pursuing large-scale 360 efforts, we offer train-the-trainer sessions to local HR professionals on how to debrief the reports. It’s not that the reports are not difficult to understand; the purpose of the training is to provide a high level view of the survey and to create a shared coaching approach.