November 2011

The Secret of Dealing with Difficult People: It’s About You

By: Jim Bruce

Today’s reading “The Secret of Dealing with Difficult People:  It’s About You” comes from Tony Schwartz’s blog at the Harvard Business Review.  Schwartz is the president and CEO of The Energy Project and the author of Be Excellent At Anything. 

Almost everyone of us has someone who routinely triggers us.  It may be the cynic in your group.  It could be someone who doesn’t listen.  Or, someone who takes credit for your work.  And the list is endless.

You are what you learn

By: Jim Bruce

Today’s reading “You are what you learn”comes from Scott Adam’s blog at and was drawn to my attention by my oldest son.

The key point in Adam’s short essay is simply:

A person changes in a fundamental way as he or she engages with a particular field of knowledge, i.e., when he or she learns something.

You think differently, the way you “show-up” is different, what you look for is different, your expectations are different, etc.

Stop Procrastinating...Now

By: Jim Bruce

It’s easy for me to imagine that I don’t procrastinate.  But that would really be stretching the truth, stretching it a lot.  The reality is that no one of us is immune to procratination.

Today’s reading is “Stop Procrastinating...Now”by Amy Gallo, a contributing editor at the Harvard Business Review.

There are lots of reasons why we procrastinate:

   – because we have too much to do

   – because we fear the difficulty and drudgery of the task