September 2013

Quote of the Week

By: Lori Green

"Anything I've done that was ultimately worthwhile initially scared me to death."

                                                                   Betty Bender

  • Do you avoid situations that you perceive as conflict?
  • Do you avoid doing things that are anxiety provoking?
  • Do you perceive that you "can't" do those things or are you unwilling to try?
  • How will you learn, grow and move past them?   
  • Make a plan.  It's very rewarding.


Prepare Your Brain for Change

By: Jim Bruce

A tired and stressed out brain hates change.  Change means learning, something new, creating new connections that lead to a new neural network.  And, this doesn’t go well if the brain isn’t ready.  Too often our work lives make it hard for our brain to learn – demands of our jobs and our unhealthy sleeping and eating habits.