Customer Satisfaction Surveys

“Please help me to understand what’s happening.”

Your Boss

When someone asks how your organization is doing, or how the people you are responsible for are doing, will you be able to answer with hard data?

Leaders need to know the facts. Whether it’s about their organization’s performance, their managers’ effectiveness, or what their customers are thinking, they need facts to know where they should focus their energies and their organizations’ energies, and sometimes, they need facts to know where to let go. And, yes, sometimes, they need facts at their fingertips to demonstrate to higher-ups that they’re serious about tracking performance.

MOR’s widely regarded satisfaction surveys, engagement surveys, and 360 surveys credibly deliver data that are actionable, specific and focused.

Customer satisfaction surveys, done right, are indispensible tools for getting the facts about the performance, direction, and needs of your organization. Whether your audience is your customers, your direct reports, the people you report to, or the people who decide what resources will be allocated to your organization, having survey data in hand assures that you can speak with authority and have fact-based conversations about the way forward.


  • The easiest metric to do well
  • Makes the case for needed improvements
  • Demonstrates your commitment to excellent service.
  • Capture hard data to guide your efforts and to avoid “death by anecdote.”
  • Create a baseline for measuring future improvements.
  • Create more of a customer service orientation in your organization.
  • Ultimately leads to better service.

Visit the Stanford University IT's Client Satisfaction Survey Results page to see an example of our work.