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Leading and Caring Under Pressure

By: Anonymous

The Queen song, Under Pressure popped in my head and made me smile. And love dares you to care for the people on the edge of the night, And love dares you to change our way of caring about ourselves... this is our last dance this is ourselves under pressure.  Doesn’t this ring true, especially at this moment in time?

Mental Health

By: Michael Chakerian

The harsh reality is that personal and professional growth can be very painful.  One begins to realize that laced in all the undercurrents of “fake it till you make it”, the imposter syndrome, and the art of improv is the common understanding that everyone is going through some kind of sizable internal strife to push forward.

IT Centralization and the Innovation Value Chain in Higher Education

By: Ed Clark

On April 1 we reached out to the MOR Leaders alumni on behalf of Ed Clark, fellow program alum and current CIO of University of St Thomas, with a survey on "IT Centralization and the Innovation Value Chain in Higher Education".  This was part of his PhD dissertation work, in which I am happy to report he passed and earned his degree.  Congratulations Dr. Ed!  As an expression of appreciation, Ed has drafted a summary of his findings to share with you all.  Below please find that output.

Thank you,

Sean McDonald


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