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Michigan State - Building Leadership Community

By: Sean McDonald

The attached is part of a series of case studies supporting our clients as they recognize leading change is a campaign and engaging others in that process is critical as they move ideas forward in their environment.  

Enjoy!  And thanks to Jim Willson from MSU for partnering with us on this write up.

Stretch and Learn

By: Matt Riley

I attended the MOR IT Leaders conference in late May.  As an ITLP graduate who stepped into a CIO role two years ago, I was asked to share how I employ the elements of the MOR toolkit in my leadership role.  I’ve invested in relationships and focused on changing culture.  I’ve taken uncomfortable risks.  But, reflecting on my talk, I recognized that I took the safe route in sharing those experiences.  I didn’t share the boldest initiatives.  I didn’t lean in.

Leadership and Kaizen

By: Jim Bruce

Somehow, Tuesday came and I was completely oblivious to my commitment to send out something for everyone to reflect on.  Don't know where my thoughts were that morning!  In spite of my forgetfulness, we do have a very good piece for this week from ITLP IX’s Vision Team – Tom Lewis (University of Washington), Todd Rheinfrank (Carnegie Mellon University), Randy Standridge (University of Texas),  Beth-Anne Sullivan (Northeastern University), Terry Tatum (University of Texas), and Elease Welch (New York University).

Keeping Pace with Technology

By: Jim Bruce

Today’s Tuesday Reading, “Keeping Pace with Technology” comes from ITLP IX’s Vision Team – Beth-Anne Sullivan (Northeastern University), Terry Tatum (University of Texas), Elease Welch (New York University), Randy Standridge (University of Texas), Todd Rheinfrank (Carnegie Mellon University), and Tom Lewis (University of Washington).  Their graduation was last summer and since then they have continued to write, challenging their colleagues in the next stages of their leadership journey.  


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