IT Leaders Program – Tenth Anniversary

By: Jim Bruce

Ten years ago today, the first workshop of the first MOR IT Leaders Program, held at the University of Chicago, came to an end.  Beth Hayes, Penn State participant in that first cycle, has written of that time:

Leadership is a Contact Sport

By: Jim Bruce

Today’s Tuesday Reading is actually a Marshall Goldsmith video “Leadership is a Contact Sport”.  

In this video Goldsmith teaches a very straightforward model for development as a leader or as a team member.  It has eight steps:

1.  Ask.  Create a habit of asking people important questions – how could I have done a better job on my last project?  How could I lead my team better?  How could I have better supported you?  You get the idea.

“Practice, Practice, Practice”

By: Jim Bruce

This week’s Tuesday Reading, “Practice, Practice, Practice” was written by Lucrecia Kim-Boswell as a leadership reflection earlier this year in one of the IT Leaders Programs.  Lucrecia is an IT Capacity Manager at Stanford University.   

How Do You Know You are Coaching?

By: Susan Washburn

Several people have asked me recently - how do you know you are coaching and not just having a conversation or giving someone advice?

So I thought I'd share this list of Coaching Indicators.  Enjoy!


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