The Importance of Connecting with Colleagues

By: Jim Bruce

Today’s reading is about a particular form of relationships called “clicking,” the phenomenon of rapidly connecting with another person, either in the work environment or in our personal lives.  The article “The Importance of Connecting with Colleagues” is a discussion by Ori Brafman and Rom Brafman of their new book “Click:  The Magic of Instant Connections.”

“Click” is the outgrowth of a research project to discover what happens when people click;  and whether and how these moments shape our lives.  Two big surprises came from the research:

How to Rise Fast At Work: A True Story

By: Jim Bruce

Terry Gray, IT Leaders Program alumnus from the University of Washington, suggested today’s reading, “How To Rise Fast At Work:  A True Story”.  Terry thought that the piece might be of interest to the leaders community.  And, I agree.

In this piece, its author Avril David talks about two acquaintances – whom he calls Mike and Ted – and their respective, different approaches to their first job, analyst at a small investment firm.

How Leaders Get Their Teams To "Click"

By: Jim Bruce

Well-integrated, high-performing teams, teams that “click,” is the subject of today's Tuesday Reading – “How Leaders Get Their Teams To ‘Click’”  by Phil Harken.  Such teams never lose slight of their goals and are largely self-sustaining.  They often seem to take on a life of their own.  Studies by the European Centre for Organizational Research show that teams that “click” always have a “leader who creates the environment and establishes the operating principles and values that are conducive to high performance.”

Recalcitrant Collaborators

By: Jim Bruce
It is very hard to get our work done without collaboration.  Sometimes
those collaborators are on our team, sometimes in our organization,
sometimes they are elsewhere in our university, and sometimes they are
outside our university in suppliers, government agencies, etc.  When
collaboration occurs things go well.

Being Helpful - Graciously

By: Jim Bruce

I've attached another very helpful note authored by John Baldoni about

how leaders can be helpful, graciously.


I think that you will find the comments useful................jim


Being Helpful — Graciously

BY : John Baldoni



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