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The 'Pull Leadership' Manifesto

By: Jim Bruce

Today's reading the "The 'Pull Leadership' Manifesto" by Stever Robbins, founder and president of LeadershipDecisionworks.  This piece from the Harvard Business School Working Knowledge Archives caught my eye because of its thesis:  "We need leaders who inspire others to follow, who engender loyalty."  Robbins calls this "pull" leadership and then goes on to identify twelve key characteristics of pull leadership:  Pull leaders

1.    Create social systems that inspire people to join.

2.    Take responsibility.

Let’s Revise our Rituals

By: Jim Bruce

Happy New Year!  I trust that you successfully rang out the old and in the new, perhaps made some resolutions (or goals) for the year, and are now ready to address what is before you with new energy and excitement. 

Working Journals

By: Jim Bruce

Many people have observed that journaling will change the way that you go about your work and your life.  In today's reading, Rick Brenner of Chaco Canyon Consulting observes that you record what you did and why you did it.  And, you record what you didn't do and why you didn't do it.  You record what you saw and what you only thought you saw; and later, upon reflection, what you didn't see.  You separate out facts from what you only assumed.  And, most important, when you go back to earlier entries, you see patterns you may have never noticed if you were not writing the words down.

Time Management

By: Jim Bruce

Good morning!


I found this short piece on time management last week and thought that

I would share it with you.  Most of the points are straight forward

but he does offer some new insights.


Have a great week................jim


Top Five Time Management Mistakes

BY : Dr. Donald E. Wetmore


Virtual Communications

By: Jim Bruce

One of the things that is becoming more important to all of us is

"virtual communication," whether one-on-one or with teams.  Some of

us are old hands at this, others are still learning.  I've copied

below three recent columns on the subject from Point Lookout, a free

weekly email newsletter produced by Chaco Canyon Consulting.  I've

found the columns to be direct, usually insightful, and often quite

helpful. (Back issues of the newsletter can be found at


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