The Hunch Engine

By: Jim Bruce

Today, we welcome the participants in Group VI of the IT Leaders Program who are starting their first workshop.  Welcome to the Tuesday Readings, gleanings from my readings that I hope you might find interesting, provocative, and otherwise useful.

Workplace Barn Raisings

By: Jim Bruce

Today's two-part reading takes the once-common practice of communal barn-raising where everyone in a community worked together to benefit a single farm family.  Given the right task, good planning and organization you may find a community approach gets the right result and has the benefit of generating new relationships that represent a real added value.

Ten Minutes

By: Jim Bruce
As all of your know by now, I read a lot from a lot of sources.
Yesterday, a newsletter called Marketplace Moments written by a friend,
Randy Kilgore, reached my desk.  It carries a story which I want to
"It's December 17, 1941. The citizens of the town of North Platte,
Nebraska heard a rumor that a troop train carrying their sons and
daughters to war would be stopping at the depot in their town for about
ten minutes.

What I Know Now

By: Jim Bruce

As I was reading the current issue of Fast Company, I ran across a

longer column reporting on a conversation with Joe Kraus on what he

now knows.  Kraus was a founder of Excite that in 1996 became one of the

biggest tech IPOs ever.  At 33 he is not starting Jotspot, a hosted

Internet service that allows anyone to create and edit Web pages.


I thought you might find his lessons instructive.


Knowing How to Work a Crowd

By: Jim Bruce

I found this short piece in today's crop of electronic newsletters.

It's a story about how to work a crowd to build relationships.



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Knowing How to Work a Crowd

BY Bil l Piecuch


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