Quote of the Week

By: Lori Green

"Anything I've done that was ultimately worthwhile initially scared me to death."

                                                                   Betty Bender

  • Do you avoid situations that you perceive as conflict?
  • Do you avoid doing things that are anxiety provoking?
  • Do you perceive that you "can't" do those things or are you unwilling to try?
  • How will you learn, grow and move past them?   
  • Make a plan.  It's very rewarding.


Individual Development and Skills for Evolving with the Times

By: Lori Green

A key theme of the 2013 MOR IT Leaders Conference was that we are entering a time when disruptive change is the norm. Given that change will happen whether one participates or not, those who actively resist it will hinder their organizations’ progress and imperil their careers.  For the conference participants, the message was clear: It is time to focus on the big picture and be sure that you and your unit are doing the right things for the future of the University and its students. It is time to develop the individual skills you need to ensure success for you and your university.

Building Leadership Communities - Examples from the Field

By: Greg Anderson

It is a fundamental principle that leadership in today’s higher education environment must be collective, concurrent, and collaborative.  To make that happen, campuses need to create, nurture, and sustain communities in which leaders at all levels can be successful. On day three of the 2013 MOR IT Leaders conference, the morning session focused on building and sustaining leadership communities. Stanford University, the University of Iowa, and the University of Minnesota each described their approach to building these vitally important community environments.  

Share Your Leadership Vision One Shell at a Time

By: Jim Bruce

Sarah Le Roy, vice president of Talent at Linkage is the author of today’s Tuesday Reading, “Share Your Leadership Vision One Shell at a Time” <>.  In the essay she tells the story of “shelling” with her eight year-old daughter.  As they walked along the beach, Le Roy noted (to herself) that she consistently found better shells than her daughter.

Are You Learning as Fast as the World is Changing?

By: Jim Bruce

The Tuesday Reading today is  “Are You Learning as Fast as the World is Changing?”, written by Bill Taylor for the Harvard Business Review blog.  Taylor is William C. Taylor is cofounder of Fast Company magazine and author of Practically Radical:  Not-So-Crazy Ways to Transform Your Company, Shake Up Your Industry, and Challenge Yourself. 

Leadership Reflections from a ‘Motorbike'-Part 2

By: Jim Bruce


Todays Reading,  “Leadership Reflections from a ‘Motorbike,’” Part 2 continues IT•LP reflection written by Michelle Reynolds, alumnus of IT•LP 2012 and Assistant Director for Central IT Support at Cornell.  

Last week Michelle led us to reflect on her first five rules:

   •  Stay alert

   •  Be conscientious of the neighborhood

   •  Visibility is important

   •  Everyone can see things differently


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