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Started June 2015, to be able to post lonegr articles like "Stretch and Learn" by Matt Riley.

The Leadership Journey Update

By: Sean McDonald

This past summer, nearly 1,200 alumni from across MOR’s leadership development programs responded to our survey invitations and shared, amongst other things, how their MOR experiences have proven helpful during the pandemic and what they were prioritizing over the next six months.  Your feedback is a gift, and we thank everyone who took the time to respond.  At MOR, we are committed to supporting our alumni in your lifelong leadership journey.  The insight provided by this survey is enabling MOR to craft a variety of new and evolved solutions to help you best meet the challenges of these times.

IT Centralization and the Innovation Value Chain in Higher Education

By: Ed Clark

On April 1 we reached out to the MOR Leaders alumni on behalf of Ed Clark, fellow program alum and current CIO of University of St Thomas, with a survey on "IT Centralization and the Innovation Value Chain in Higher Education".  This was part of his PhD dissertation work, in which I am happy to report he passed and earned his degree.  Congratulations Dr. Ed!  As an expression of appreciation, Ed has drafted a summary of his findings to share with you all.  Below please find that output.

Thank you,

Sean McDonald

Stretch and Learn

By: Matt Riley

I attended the MOR IT Leaders conference in late May.  As an ITLP graduate who stepped into a CIO role two years ago, I was asked to share how I employ the elements of the MOR toolkit in my leadership role.  I’ve invested in relationships and focused on changing culture.  I’ve taken uncomfortable risks.  But, reflecting on my talk, I recognized that I took the safe route in sharing those experiences.  I didn’t share the boldest initiatives.  I didn’t lean in.

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