Lead From Where You Are Program

MOR Associates offers a proven approach to building leaders that combines feedback, individual development goals, one-on-one coaching, workshop instruction, and applied learning. Thousands of leaders from public, private, and non-profit organizations have realized significant, lasting benefits from our programs, and their organizations have benefited from the improved ability of these leaders to deliver results.

The Lead From Where You Are Program is geared toward individual contributors, technical leads, and front line managers who may or may not have direct reports.  Lead From Where You Are is based on mindset, skillset, and toolset. Leadership requires a mindset. Simply stated, an individual, regardless of position or status can make a difference by choosing to do the right thing. With this as a foundation, skillsets are introduced to support this mindset. Some refer to these as “soft skills”, the collection of practices needed to engage others, build commitments, and create a productive environment. Finally, leadership requires a toolkit. These are the formatted activities needed to help groups achieve a result. Taken as a whole, mindset provokes a call for action.  In turn, action is engaged through skillsets (influencing others). Optimal results are delivered through toolsets (application of process).  The skills and mindset needed to Lead From Where You Are start with attributes like Effective CommunicationFacilitating CollaborationLeading a Project TeamLeading Without Authority and fostering Self-Development through increasing self-awareness, practicing self-management and creating goals and practices that lead to change. 

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