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The Process

Choosing Raters

















































Key Dates

Mon Nov 24, 2014
Rater list selection begins

Mon Dec 8, 2014
Rater list is due

Tue Dec 9, 2014
Survey launches

Fri Jan 9, 2015
Survey wraps up

TBD Before Session One
Debrief with Coach
Reports distributed two or more days before coaching begins


Sample Report

Jane Doe 360 Repo;rt


360 Leadership Assessment Survey

The 360 will provide you with information from a variety of individuals on your effectiveness as a leader. Through the feedback provided in your 360, you will gain information about your strengths and areas for development. The 360 report will be a catalyst for setting two or three specific development goals that you would like to work on during the program and well into the future. Working with a coach, you will also structure a plan and pinpoint relevant strategies to help you achieve your goals.

The Process

Surveys take about six weeks to run, from the start of rater list selection to distribution of the report. Each step depends on the last so it is important not to be late. These are the stages program participants are likely to see:

MOR Associates will send you a link to an online form where you can enter the names and email addresses of possible respondents. Once you have submitted your list of possible respondents, MOR sends you and them an email invitation to a secure online instrument. MOR gathers responses for about two weeks and sends reminders as needed. About a week after the survey period closes, the reports are prepared. You will receive your individual report two business days prior to your scheduled debrief session with a coach.

Choosing Raters

You ask people with whom you work closely (or have worked) to provide you with feedback. Typically, this includes your manager, direct reports, and peers or colleagues. You also rate yourself. You should think about inviting raters who can best comment on your leadership abilities. If you are new to your position, you might consider asking people from a previous job. If you have a work relationship that doesn’t fall neatly into one of our recommended categories, designate them as “peer/colleague”.


After all of your raters have submitted their feedback, you will receive a compilation of their feedback in a report via email. The feedback is confidential, and you will not know how a specific person rated you, with the exception of your manager, whose ratings and comments are called out separately. The report is intended solely for your benefit and leadership development.

To ensure confidentiality, at least three direct reports and three peers/colleagues must respond for those groups to be reflected in your report. If you have less than three direct reports they are automatically grouped in with peers/colleagues. You also complete the survey for yourself.

Only MOR Associates will have access to individual responses. They will track who responds and send reminders to non-responders. At the conclusion of the data-gathering phase and before analysis begins, personally identifiable information will be stripped from the data. No one will see individual responses of any raters with one exception: you and your coach will see your manager’s responses. If you have more than one manager completing the survey, their responses will be grouped together. Ratings from direct reports, peers, or "others" will only be reported out separately when there are at least two responses from a given group, and then only when at least three individuals from a given group have been invited to respond.