Data Analytics

“Please help me to understand what’s happening.”

Your Boss

When someone asks how your organization is doing, or how the people you are responsible for are doing, will you be able to answer with hard data?

Leaders need to know the facts. Whether it’s about their organization’s performance, their managers’ effectiveness, or what their customers are thinking, they need facts to know where they should focus their energies and their organizations’ energies, and sometimes, they need facts to know where to let go. And, yes, sometimes, they need facts at their fingertips to demonstrate to higher-ups that they’re serious about tracking performance.

MOR’s widely regarded satisfaction surveys, engagement surveys, and 360 surveys credibly deliver data that are actionable, specific and focused.

We Offer Turnkey Solutions and a la Carte Services

MOR survey services are provided two ways: as complete turnkey solutions that require very little effort on the part of clients, or as a la carte services that support or supplement in-house client capabilities.

A la Carte Survey Services

  • Survey design
  • Sample design
  • Communications
  • Administration
  • Analysis and reports
  • Presentation of results
  • Action-planning facilitation

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