About MOR

MOR is dedicated to building a better world by developing and supporting leaders at all levels by helping them answer three questions: What is leadership? What kind of a leader will you be? How are you going to get there?

Since 1983, MOR (Maximizing Organizational Resources) has stretched, challenged and developed leaders, teams and organizations. Though our work has taken on many forms over the past three decades, the core of our work has always been about:

  • Leveraging the power of relationships, influence and coaching,
  • Evolving processes and behaviors,
  • And increasing the ability of groups of people to have difficult conversations and provide each other constructive feedback.

We believe that leadership can and should come from anywhere in the organization, that leadership is an experience to be shared, not coveted, and that leaderful organizations inspire the best efforts from their people—while being the best places to work.

We partner with clients to:

  • Develop high potential leaders
  • Build a cadre of leaders who can step up as change agents
  • Do the work of change to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow
  • Build the talent needed for the organization to be successful
  • Create a foundation for evidence-based decision making
  • Create a strategic direction using an inclusive, fast-cycle process

MOR is proud of our long term partnerships with clients. For us, this is not just a business, but a very personal, long term investment in helping people and organizations succeed in a fast changing world. Our clients agree, and virtually all of our work is repeat or referral.