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MOR Insights

Tuesday Reading

  • 05.21.2024

    So What?

    So what? – A simple phrase, yet it can convey many meanings. It also serves as an invitation for deeper investigation.
  • 05.14.2024

    A Common Toolset Connects Leaders & Enhances Collaboration

    MOR common constructs are instrumental in building leadership capabilities to enhance working through issues and addr…
  • 05.07.2024

    Common Language Promotes Collaboration

    When they encounter each other, they can quickly communicate and connect based on a shared MOR experience and the res…
  • 04.30.2024

    Putting Psychological Safety Into Leadership Context

    Psychological safety is where people can brainstorm, voice half-finished thoughts, openly challenge, share feedback, …
  • 04.23.2024

    You Can Say NO

    While you don’t want to be known as a “no” person, you do want to be seen as a team player. That makes the situation …
  • 04.16.2024

    The MOR Hardware Store for Life

    Do you crave a transformative experience? Do you want to take a quantum leap? Step right this way; MOR Hardware has y…
  • 04.09.2024

    Handling the Gift of Negative Feedback

    If you’re like me, you dwell on feedback or deviations from your meticulous plans. A single negative comment can over…
  • 04.02.2024

    Be Kind. Rewind.

    Starting at Blockbuster video as a video store clerk I decided at age 17 I wasn’t cut out for management. Then some t…
  • 03.26.2024

    Enrollments – Cliff After Cliff After ???

    I hope you love numbers as much as I do. Let me offer some, to understand Higher Education’s future enrollment and re…
  • 03.19.2024

    The Leadership Toolset

    What leadership tools do you rely on? What new tools do you need to add? What could you practice with others for comp…

Emotional Intelligence

  • 03.12.2024

    Appreciation in the Face of Anticipation

    Anticipation keeps us moving forward. It enables us to apply what we’ve learned. But there’s a trap: Over-anticipatio…
  • 04.25.2023

    I Grieve and I Appreciate

    My father recently passed away after struggling with Parkinson’s & COPD. As I was on this journey, I realized the imp…
  • Six Steps Toward Resilient Leadership

    Six Steps Toward Resilient Leadership

    Feeling burned out as the leader? Resilience is the capacity to meet adversity, setbacks and trauma, and recover to l…
  • A way to improve workplace stress

    A way to improve workplace stress

    Gratitude makes us feel good on both the sending and receiving side. However, it goes further: expressing gratitude a…
  • Developing Resilience

    Developing Resilience

    Resilience provides confidence to step up and lead. Resilient leaders are able to overcome setbacks and help others o…
  • Back to Basics

    Back to Basics

    [Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Susan Washburn, Program Leader and Leadership Coach at MOR Associates.  Susan may be…
  • What Would Donna Do?

    What Would Donna Do?

    What Would Donna Do?  [Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Beth Holtz, Senior Manager for Strategic Initiatives and Admin…
  • Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

    Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

    [Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Brandon Bernier, Vice President IT and CIO, Colorado State University. He is a MOR p…
  • Lead with emotion but don’t let emotion lead you

    Lead with emotion but don’t let emotion lead you

    [Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Lori Green, Program Leader and Leadership Coach at MOR Associates.  Lori may be reac…
  • 01.25.2022

    Listening and Hearing What Isn’t Said

    [Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Ron Kraemer.  He is currently retired.  Ron previously was Vice President for Inform…

Leadership Reflections

  • 02.06.2024

    Developing a Leadership Community

    What transforms a group unfamiliar with each other into an inclusive, close-knit cohort that genuinely wants to help …
  • 01.23.2024

    Leadership – The Awakening Seed of Transformation

    Let me tell you a story. As a young person and well into my teens, I was severely introverted. I was afraid of my own…
  • 11.28.2023

    10 Years of MOR: What Are You Still Serving?

    I have been a MOR graduate for ten years! My cohort created a menu. I started reflecting on what I still serve off th…
  • 11.07.2023

    Finding Balance, Sustaining Progress

    I am grateful for how my cohort and coaches have helped me to look inward, an honest look at myself and my mindset. I…
  • 09.05.2023

    Breaking the Busyness Cycle

    I tend to say “yes” to everything. There are many reasons. For a long time, this served me well enough, but it all be…
  • 07.25.2023

    Leadership and Bingo

    I volunteer as a bingo caller at my church. During a recent game, my mind meandered to how a good bingo caller is sim…
  • 07.18.2023

    Aspiring To Lead Like Ted Lasso

    I am a huge Ted Lasso fan. It was so refreshing to see a show achieve success with a leader that was kind, ethical, h…
  • 06.12.2023

    Developing Passion and Upskilling

    There have been times when my work started to feel stale less engaging. Learning a new skill or tackling a new challe…
  • 04.04.2023

    Leading From Wherever You Are

    At first, the prospect of leaving management was concerning. What would it mean for my career prospects? What would h…
  • What do I really want to be known for?

    What do I really want to be known for?

    I was flipping through my notebook. I wrote down what I want to be known for. Later I circled the question “Is what I…

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • The Power of Community

    The Power of Community

    A safe and caring community is one that has a connection through trust, vulnerability, and a genuine desire to care f…
  • Losing Talent - What Can We Do?

    Losing Talent – What Can We Do?

    Creating a highly engaged workforce is one way to counter the potential loss of people. Here are five strategies to …
  • 02.08.2022

    The Next Leaders

    Where will the next leaders come from? Think about the talent around us and how we might think differently in answeri…
  • 09.28.2021

    The Poetry of Practice

    Thinking of a poet’s dedication to their practice reminds me of what it takes to form a habit and change neurological…
  • 06.22.2021

    Commencement Speeches 2021

    [Jim Bruce, today’s author, is a Senior Fellow and Executive Coach at MOR Associates. He previously was Professor of …
  • 05.25.2021

    Implications of the Hybrid Scenario

    [Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Brian McDonald, President of MOR Associates.  Brian may be reached at brian@morassoc…
  • 05.18.2021

    What’s Next? Hybrid? Remote? Everyone Back?

    [Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Brian McDonald, President of MOR Associates.  Brian may be reached at brian@morassoc…
  • 04.27.2021

    Demographics Are Destiny (Maybe?)

    Demographics Are Destiny (Maybe?) [Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Jack Wolfe and David Sweetman of MOR Associates. T…