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Leadership Practices

MOR’s Leadership Practices solution is narrowly focused on specific leadership skills and competencies, built for scale, and developed for a shared leadership community. This shared learning experience leverages a common set of leadership lessons, tools and practices.


Who will benefit from MOR’s Leadership Practices?

This engagement is designed for large groups and full teams, including leaders at all levels. From aspiring leaders to veteran executives, employees in every kind of role can benefit from the learning experience MOR facilitates, with an emphasis on goals and growth at the personal level.


days some researchers say it takes to form a new habit.

What will I learn?

Leadership Practices is designed to offer a platform for development, for work on self and an opportunity to foster greater collaboration across the organization. Any aspect of leadership can be learned, practiced, and improved—this is an opportunity for individuals at every career stage to grow. As a result of this engagement, organizations report improved communication, increased teamwork and more innovative and inclusive engagement by people in delivering results.


  • Explore and develop leadership and collaboration skills
  • Strengthen relationships and build trust for a healthier, more connected organization
  • Recognize their influence on cultural norms
  • Engage a framework to support their behavior evolution toward leadership habits

How do I get started?

Interested in learning how MOR Associates can customize a Leadership Practices program for your team? Reach out today for a free consultation.