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What is Talent Management at MOR?

MOR offers a comprehensive suite of services to help your organization attract, retain, and develop the thriving talent needed to achieve the goals and results the organization is committed to delivering.

Offerings include:

  • Assessment and Planning. Analysis of talent maturity and engagement paired with strategic planning for alignment and succession.
  • Talent Development. 360 feedback assessments, coaching, leadership programs, and targeted workshops.
  • Talent Alignment. Developing communication strategy, communities of practice, workshops, and team building.
  • Talent Recruitment and Retention. Employee engagement surveys and consulting, talent nurturing (projects, programs, and rewards), and career counseling.

Who is a good fit for Talent Management?

MOR’s talent management services support the work of senior leaders, talent management officers, and HR professionals.


of participants surveyed six months after the Advanced Leaders Programs reported significant improvement in at least one leadership area

What are the key benefits?

Through MOR’s talent management, organizations gain:

  • An understanding of how employees’ strengths support long-term strategic needs
  • The ability to identify and anticipate gaps in talent
  • Insight into employee engagement, satisfaction, and leadership-potential
  • A roadmap for building a community of confident, effective leaders

How do I get started?

Interested in MOR Talent Management to strengthen your organization? Get in touch and learn more with a free consultation.