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MOR Leaders

What is the MOR Leaders Program?

MOR’s flagship program is a 10-month leadership development experience with multiple tracks designed to prepare, empower, and transform participants from a manager-doer to a leader-manager or a leader of leaders. The MOR Leaders Program facilitates learning, individualized coaching and community-building with actionable, real-world experiences that lead to sustainable improvements in a leader’s effectiveness.

Who is a good fit for the MOR Leaders Program?

This program supports and strengthens managers and directors looking to advance their skills.

While leaders with direct reports are the most frequent participants, the MOR Leaders Program can also be a pivotal leadership development experience for individual contributors and senior leaders.


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What can I expect?

The MOR Leaders Program consists of four integrated tracks including:

  • Individual development that personalizes the experience with a tailored development plan, aimed at your context, and supported by individual leadership coaching
  • Multi-day workshops to provide concepts, framework and tools through an interactive design
  • Applied learning designed to apply the concepts, frameworks, tools and practices between workshops
  • Community-building that includes building new connections and a network for future collaborations

The program can be delivered exclusively to your organization or in collaboration with other organizations. Onsite, hybrid, and remote options are all available.

What outcomes can I expect?

The MOR Leaders Program powerfully integrates professional and personal development. 96% of participants state the program was effective in developing their leadership, with 80% stating it was very or extremely effective. In the face of any objective or obstacle, program participants learn how to assess, strategize, take action, cultivate alignment, and improve results in partnership with others.

How do I get started?

Interested in building essential leadership capacity through the MOR Leaders Program? Reach out today to get started.