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What is Team Engagements consulting?

Employees are an organization’s greatest asset. Team Engagements consulting mobilizes and maximizes this potential—for employees and teams to heighten their engagement, increase effective collaboration, and become more fully vested stewards of their organization’s mission and strategy.

Who is a good fit for Team Engagements consulting?

Most often, team leaders seek out this service to build, repair, strengthen, or enhance team alignment, vision, and trust. Leaders partner with MOR to evolve their team’s skillset, mindset, and toolset, at the individual and group level.


of participants surveyed six months after the program reported significant improvement in at least one leadership area.

What can I expect?

Team Engagements centers around:

  • Customized workshops to build team competencies
  • Applied learning over four to five weeks between workshops
  • Individual development including 360 surveys and coaching when needed
  • Community-building to strengthen trust, collaboration, and alignment

What will I gain?

MOR designs personalized Team Engagements to help you:

  • Define who you are as a team, extend trust, and align on vision
  • Intentionally formulate goals, norms and team cultural expectations
  • Inspire individual reflection to enhance collective strengths
  • Prepare for change, growth, and organizational evolution
  • Increase effectiveness and efficiency in meeting collective desired results
  • Model intentionality and support to lead by example

How do I get started?

Interested in engaging MOR Associates to help take your team from good to great? Reach out today to schedule a free consultation.