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360 Leadership

What is 360 Leadership Feedback?

MOR 360 Leadership Feedback is a powerful, user-friendly service for collecting essential information and suggestions from individuals and teams. Clients can leverage MOR’s proven web-based 360 instrument, complete with clear and actionable reporting including comparative data benchmarked through tens of thousands of responses.

MOR can also design and administer a customized web-based survey based on your organizational goals. MOR coaches help interpret survey results for team members in one-on-one coaching sessions.

Who is a good fit for 360 Leadership Feedback?

MOR’s 360 Leadership Feedback is a great option for any organizational leader at any level seeking to better understand team and colleague perceptions and areas for improvement. Two standard assessment levels can be customized to fit your organization:

  • Manager/Leader 360
  • Individual Contributor/Lead From Where You Are 360


360’s administered by MOR over the past 20 years.

What can I expect?

As a comprehensive service, 360 Feedback includes:

  • Survey and sample design
  • Survey administration and communications
  • Insightful analysis and comprehensive reports
  • Presentation of results, including one-on-one feedback
  • Action-planning facilitation with MOR coaches

What will I learn?

Using 360 Feedback, leaders like you can:

  • Pinpoint the types of questions that draw out key information
  • Attain valuable feedback to drive decisions and key-in stakeholders
  • Identify strengths to bolster and opportunities to improve
  • Get a bigger-picture view of your team, personally and professionally

How do I get started?

Looking to leverage vital data about you or our team? Reach out today for a free consultation on 360 Leadership Feedback.