Leadership Lessons To Put In Your Backpack

Vijay Menta, CIO of Middlebury College, recently spoke at a Capstone Event for a Leadership Cohort from the Consortium of Liberal Arts Colleges.  His advice to these leaders is captured in these brief remarks that are applicable to all of us as leaders.


Vijay Menta is a graduate of the MOR Advanced Leaders Program class of 2016.


MOR Associates New Offering

Leading and Managing in a Virtual World 

MOR alumni have registered concern about adapting to the prolonged period of disruption we find ourselves in, especially the transition to remote work in all its iterations. Leading and managing in this current context is an adaptive challenge; our new affordable workshop series, Leading and Managing in a Virtual World is our response to this call for support. This includes optimizing virtual leadership, adapting to shifting user needs, and aligning with emerging strategies. In short, new forms of agile, innovative, and engaged leadership. Practicing the 4I’s, presence, emotional intelligence, balancing the important and the immediate, facilitation, collaboration, communication, and the strategic thinking process all need some evolution. This new MOR offering aims to meet you where you are, learn more about this 8-session program and register your interest here. We’ll be kicking this off in the next two months.