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What is MOR’s Strategic Facilitation?

MOR Associates stands behind the belief that the answer is already in the room. Strategic Facilitation is a customized, highly tailored service designed to support organizational leaders seeking to set a strategic direction using a consultative process.

As an example, an institution may enlist MOR Associates to facilitate meetings to set a strategic direction, or to facilitate a conference, offsite, or planning session. Whatever the facilitation need, MOR can help you strategize, design, and engage participants to move toward a shared strategy and agreed to action plan.

Who is a good fit for Strategic Facilitation?

Strategic Facilitation is ideal for leaders and teams seeking experienced, supportive process leadership to help them “hold a room,” to make space for reflection, insights, innovation, and growth during an event, as part of a specific project, or around a predetermined goal.

What can I expect?

With focus on your organization’s unique goals and target project, MOR Associates will help identify your desired future state, assess current state and gaps (in relation to the desired future state), and pinpoint strategies to close gaps. To aid in this process, MOR will often:

  • Interview key stakeholders
  • Collect or review important data (including surveys)
  • Design and deliver tailored facilitation approaches
  • Assist in assessing outcomes
  • Identify a roadmap to achieve desired outcomes
  • Create opportunity for ongoing community and learning


of participants surveyed six months after the program reported significant improvement in at least one leadership area.

Strategic Facilitation Program from MOR

How do I get started?

Interested in MOR’s strategic facilitation for your upcoming event or project? Reach out today to schedule a free consultation.