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Lead From
Where You Are

What is Lead From Where You Are?

Leadership isn’t about a title or position. Lead From Where You Are is designed to cultivate, inspire, and prepare emerging leaders so they can step further in, champion initiatives, and impact an organization more broadly. Recognizing and engaging individuals in this way can accelerate their development, build their confidence, and enable them to see a pathway for contributing in a more significant way to the success of the organization.

Who is a good fit for Lead From Where You Are?

This program is designed for individual contributors, technical leads, and less experienced front line managers who may or may not have direct reports.


number of participants in this program since 2010.

What can I expect?

Divided into four tracks, the Lead From Where You Are includes:

  • Individual development that personalizes the experience with a tailored development plan, aimed at your context, and supported by individual leadership coaching
  • Multi-day workshops to provide concepts, frameworks and tools with an interactive design
  • Applied learning designed to apply the concepts, frameworks, tools and practices between workshops
  • Community-building that includes building new connections and a network for future collaborations

The program can be delivered exclusively to your organization or in collaboration with other organizations. Onsite, hybrid, and remote options are all available.

What will I learn?

Lead From Where You Are focuses on developing three essential and complementary assets: mindset, skillset, and toolset. Participants learn how to think productively about themselves and others in the context of leadership, whether sustaining a technical focus or pursuing a managerial path. Participants also develop the ability to take meaningful action and apply key knowledge.

How do I get started?

Interested in investing in emerging leaders through Lead From Where You Are? Reach out today to get started.