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Why use MOR Survey Services?

MOR team surveys and customer satisfaction surveys capture the comprehensive, actionable data you need to assess, strengthen, and transform the initiatives your organization is investing in to deliver continuous improvement.

What Survey Services does MOR offer?

MOR specializes in three survey types:

  • 360 Feedback Surveys to collect core feedback from employee teams
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys to help guide important decisions
  • Engagement Surveys to assess individual motivation and fulfillment

Who is a good fit for MOR surveys?

MOR surveys are a great option for any organization seeking to better understand employee teams and customers. Survey data can provide the insight groups need to guide leadership, address challenges, build strategy, make informed decisions, anticipate obstacles, and enhance outcomes.

What can I expect?

As a comprehensive service, Survey Services include:

  • Survey and sample design
  • Survey administration and communications
  • Insightful analysis and comprehensive reports
  • Presentation of results, including one-on-one feedback
  • Action-planning facilitation


of participants surveyed six months after the program reported significant improvement in at least one leadership area.

What will I learn?

Partnering with MOR to design and administer surveys can provide a wealth of valuable learning:

  • Pinpoint the types of questions that draw out key information
  • Attain valuable feedback to drive decisions and key-in stakeholders
  • Identify strengths to bolster and opportunities to improve
  • Gain broader perspective of your organization or team, personally and professionally
  • Understand how successful staff at different levels collaborate

How do I get started?

Interested in attaining vital organizational insights? Reach out today for a free consultation on MOR’s suite of survey offerings.