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What is MOR Organizational Impact?

The data is clear: Leadership development inspires a range of positive outcomes, from individual growth to institutional change. Organizational Impact is a service designed to advance strategic goals at the highest level, supporting and spurring project-based results institution-wide. MOR partners with leaders to identify, analyze, and implement strategy with powerful impacts for organizations.

Who is a good fit for Organizational Impact consulting?

Organizational Impact consulting is perfect for senior leaders who are responsible for fulfilling strategic initiatives and achieving significant, holistic, and sustainable results. Through this service, leaders leverage MOR principles and applied learning to guide individuals and teams towards achieving important institutional goals.


of participants surveyed six months after the program reported significant improvement in at least one leadership area.

What can I expect?

Structured around the MOR Leaders Program framework, Organizational Impact uses a strategic thinking model involving the following steps:

  • Scan the environment. Understand the forces and trends behind your project.
  • Determine the critical implications. Clarify the implications of the trends.
  • Develop the desired future state. Clearly state the vision of a successful outcome.
  • Assess the current state. Use SWOT analysis to identify your starting point.
  • Perform gap analysis. Identify the gap between your current and desired future state.
  • Develop strategic goals. Define goals and strategies to advance the initiative and close the gap.
  • Outline implementation. Identify the action steps for advancing strategy.

Organizational Impact assesses initiatives through three lenses to consider the strategic, political, and cultural issues the projects touch.

What will I gain?

As a result of Organizational Impact, your organization will:

  • Attain a clearer picture of your current organizational needs
  • Empower individuals to address and align on issues of strategic importance
  • Identify and achieve actionable results
  • Hone your organization’s collective vision and capability to move goals forward

How do I get started?

Interested in partnering with MOR Associates to advance Organizational Impact? Reach out today to schedule a free consultation.