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Leadership Reflection


10 Years of MOR: What Are You Still Serving?

I have been a MOR graduate for ten years! My cohort created a menu. I started reflecting on what I still serve off that menu ten years later.

Finding Balance, Sustaining Progress

I am grateful for how my cohort and coaches have helped me to look inward, an honest look at myself and my mindset. It has been transformative.

Breaking the Busyness Cycle

I tend to say “yes” to everything. There are many reasons. For a long time, this served me well enough, but it all became too much.

Leadership and Bingo

I volunteer as a bingo caller at my church. During a recent game, my mind meandered to how a good bingo caller is similar to being a good leader.

Aspiring To Lead Like Ted Lasso

I am a huge Ted Lasso fan. It was so refreshing to see a show achieve success with a leader that was kind, ethical, humane, caring, and funny.

Developing Passion and Upskilling

There have been times when my work started to feel stale less engaging. Learning a new skill or tackling a new challenge helped reignite my spark.

Leading From Wherever You Are

At first, the prospect of leaving management was concerning. What would it mean for my career prospects? What would happen to my current team?
What do I really want to be known for?

What do I really want to be known for?

I was flipping through my notebook. I wrote down what I want to be known for. Later I circled the question “Is what I said true?” I had some doubts.
Life Is a Series of Moments and Memories

Life Is a Series of Moments and Memories, Make the Most of These Openings

Being fully present provides the opportunity for us to be intentional in sending messages of sincere interest and make meaningful connections.
Worst in Class

Worst in Class

I started wall climbing. I was surrounded by people far better me. I was the worst in the class. This was the perfect place.