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Leading From Wherever You Are

At first, the prospect of leaving management was concerning. What would it mean for my career prospects? What would happen to my current team?
What do I really want to be known for?

What do I really want to be known for?

I was flipping through my notebook. I wrote down what I want to be known for. Later I circled the question “Is what I said true?” I had some doubts.
Life Is a Series of Moments and Memories

Life Is a Series of Moments and Memories, Make the Most of These Openings

Being fully present provides the opportunity for us to be intentional in sending messages of sincere interest and make meaningful connections.
Worst in Class

Worst in Class

I started wall climbing. I was surrounded by people far better me. I was the worst in the class. This was the perfect place.
I’m a Leader? I’m a Leader.

I’m a Leader? I’m a Leader.

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Peggy Huston, Leadership Coach at MOR Associates.  Peggy may be reached at peggy@morassociates.com.]   What makes a great leader?  I posted this question in a Google search and received a long list of important traits for a great leader, such as integrity, good communication, agility, influence, empathy, courage, respect, knowledge, etc. […]
7 Leadership Lessons Offered During Last Month’s Workshops

7 Leadership Lessons Offered During Last Month’s Workshops

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Brian McDonald, President of MOR Associates.  Brian may be reached at brian@morassociates.com.]   During the past month different MOR cohorts have had the opportunity to hear leadership lessons from several accomplished program sponsors. Their insights seemed well worth passing along so others could benefit from these thoughtful reflections.  1. Self-Acceptance Is an […]
A way to improve workplace stress

A way to improve workplace stress

Gratitude makes us feel good on both the sending and receiving side. However, it goes further: expressing gratitude at work can make us healthier.
My Career Lattice

My Career Lattice, Not an Ordinary Ladder

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Marcia Dority Baker, Leadership Coach at MOR Associates.  Marcia may be reached at marcia@morassociates.com.]   “I describe my career path as a zigzag, not a career ladder.” Denise Morrison       I recently gave my leadership journey during a MOR Leaders program workshop. As a facilitator I was on […]
Leadership Pilgrimage

Leadership Pilgrimage

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Bill Wrobleski. Bill is currently on a trail somewhere in rural France. Need to find him? Check billonthecamino.com or email him at billw@umich.edu.]   Tomorrow, I head out on a 1,000-mile pilgrimage across France and Spain. For over seventy-days, I’ll be walking the Camino de Santiago, a series of well-worn trails […]
Getting the most out of 1:1s

Getting the most out of 1:1s

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Molly Sharp, Service Management Programs Director at Stanford University. It is a reflection on what she is learning as a current MOR program participant.  Molly may be reached at mmsharp@stanford.edu.]   Over the months since I began the MOR program, I’ve been evolving my thinking about the purpose of the […]



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