Voting, an Act of Leading From Where You Are, Yes and…

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Sean McDonald, Vice-President of MOR Associates. Sean may be reached at or on LinkedIn.]   In a recent taxi ride home from the airport, Faisal, the driver, was eager to share his frustrations with the world’s problems. He was smart and thoughtful about seeing the big picture of complex […]
Developing Resilience

Developing Resilience

Resilience provides confidence to step up and lead. Resilient leaders are able to overcome setbacks and help others overcome their setbacks.

When "good enough" is both "good" & "enough"

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Amanda Sarratore, IT Director, Academic IT Services at the University of Notre Dame. She is a MOR alum. Amanda may be reached at]   I find joy in working with my partner areas to build relationships, and I am grateful for my position. I feel lucky that most days, […]

Listening and Hearing What Isn’t Said

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Ron Kraemer.  He is currently retired.  Ron previously was Vice President for Information Technology and CIO at the University of Notre Dame. Ron may be reached at]   When I think about listening, I don’t just think about what we hear, I think about what we learn using all […]

Molding Consensus through Relationships

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Roger Weisenberg, Director of Financial Technology, Office of Finance and Treasury, Princeton University.  He is a current MOR program participant.  Roger may be reached at]   As we concluded our MOR Advanced Leaders workshop on influence last week, I found it interesting and appropriate that the timing of this […]


Believe [Today’s Tuesday Reading is written in remembrance of Rick Fredericks and is written by Sean McDonald, Vice-President of MOR Associates. Sean may be reached at  Editorial Note: This is the last Tuesday Reading of 2021.  The next Tuesday Reading will be in January.]   It is a great time of year for believing. Believing is […]

Courage, you've had it all along

Courage, you’ve had it all along [Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Sean McDonald of MOR Associates and Charlotte Souffront-Garcia, Program Director with Information Technology Services at Florida State University. They may be reached at and]   I got off the phone with Charlotte a few weeks ago and I could not stop thinking […]

I Have Things to Say

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is by Rick Fredericks, MOR Associates Program Leader and Leadership Coach.  Rick may be reached at]   I have things to say and I am not alone.   To be human is to desire inclusion. We are united by shared stories and ideals. Our social tapestries are woven by voice, customs, […]

Finding Your Voice in the Virtual Workplace

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Laura Patterson, Leadership Coach and Consultant at MOR Associates.  She previously was CIO at the University of Michigan. Laura may be reached at]   There is little doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic and the experiences of the past year are going to have a long term impact on higher […]

Leaders Can Shape Events

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Brian McDonald, President of MOR Associates.  Brian may be reached at]  Four Leadership Competencies Are:Management of MeaningManagement of AttentionManagement of TrustManagement of Self ​Warren Bennis ​Why Leaders Fail     In Warren Bennis’s book Why Leaders Fail he proposes that leaders have an opportunity to manage attention as well as manage meaning. […]



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