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Initiate, Inquire, Invest, and Influence

Intentional relationship building is a cornerstone of effective leadership. You can make meaningful strides by integrating the 4 I’s in your routine.

Developing a Leadership Community

What transforms a group unfamiliar with each other into an inclusive, close-knit cohort that genuinely wants to help one another grow?

Broken Things

Have you had a week where everything seems to be going wrong? We must change the situation by putting one foot in front of the next to solve it.

I Believe in You

These transformational words are common in leadership journeys. Often, it’s parents who believed. It could also be a colleague or a friend, like you.
MOR Creates Ripple Effects in One’s Life…

MOR Creates Ripple Effects in One’s Life…

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Marcia Dority Baker, Leadership Coach at MOR Associates.  Marcia may be reached at [email protected] or via LinkedIn. Editorial Note: This is the last Tuesday Reading of 2022.  The next Tuesday Reading will be in January. ]     “You want to be the pebble in the pond that creates the ripples […]
Life Is a Series of Moments and Memories

Life Is a Series of Moments and Memories, Make the Most of These Openings

Being fully present provides the opportunity for us to be intentional in sending messages of sincere interest and make meaningful connections.
Leadership Pilgrimage

Leadership Pilgrimage

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Bill Wrobleski. Bill is currently on a trail somewhere in rural France. Need to find him? Check or email him at [email protected].]   Tomorrow, I head out on a 1,000-mile pilgrimage across France and Spain. For over seventy-days, I’ll be walking the Camino de Santiago, a series of well-worn trails […]
Getting the most out of 1:1s

Getting the most out of 1:1s

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Molly Sharp, Service Management Programs Director at Stanford University. It is a reflection on what she is learning as a current MOR program participant.  Molly may be reached at [email protected].]   Over the months since I began the MOR program, I’ve been evolving my thinking about the purpose of the […]

First Impressions

College is perhaps one of the biggest decisions many people make. The power of a first impression is real and on full display in the visiting process.
Leading Through Lifting

Leading Through Lifting

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Mark Askren, MOR Associates Leadership Coach, and former Vice President for IT at the University of Nebraska. Mark may be reached at [email protected].]   As leaders, we’re always on stage. Our staff, colleagues, campus stakeholders, clients, and the people we report to are paying attention to our work behaviors. What we […]