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I Believe in You

| May 9, 2023

by Mike Sullivan

Today’s Tuesday Reading is by Mike Sullivan, MOR Associates Program Leader and Leadership Coach.  Mike may be reached at [email protected] or via LinkedIn.

“They believed in me” – these transformational words weave through so many leadership journeys. Often, it’s parents who believe in us, but it could also be a colleague or a friend, just like you. 

You see, believing in someone means having faith in their abilities, character, and potential. It’s about trusting that they can achieve their goals, overcome challenges, and grow as individuals. It involves offering support, encouragement, and understanding, while recognizing their unique strengths and talents.

When you believe in someone, you:

1. Acknowledge their potential: You see the skills, talents, and abilities they need to succeed in whatever they set their mind to.

2. Express confidence in their abilities: You trust they can handle tasks, make decisions, and face challenges, even when they might doubt themselves sometimes.

3. Cheer them on in their growth and development: You’re there with support, guidance, and resources to help them learn, grow, and get better.

4. Celebrate their wins: You appreciate their accomplishments, big or small, and join them in celebrating their successes.

5. Stand by them through thick and thin: When they face difficulties or setbacks, you offer understanding, empathy, and reassurance, letting them know they have the strength and resilience to bounce back.

6. Create a safe space for risk-taking: You foster an environment where they can explore new ideas, try new things, and step out of their comfort zone without worrying about judgment or ridicule.

7. Empower them to make their own choices: You let them take charge of their decisions and actions, trusting they’ll make the best choices for themselves and their situation.

Believing in someone can have a remarkable impact! It can boost their self-esteem, motivation, and overall well-being, serving as a catalyst for personal and professional growth. It helps them build resilience and a strong sense of self-worth. In short, believing in someone can be truly transformative, helping them realize their full potential and achieve their dreams.

So, who will you believe in today?

Postscript: In March of 2021, I wrote a Tuesday Reading about not being very confident but there were many people in my life who believed in me. I know that there is magic in you believing in me and there’s major magic when I am believing in you.

Last week we asked which best describes your current pursuits with AI?

  • 14% said they are all-in and have already invested significantly and seen results.
  • 16% said they are all-in, but early in the investment.
  • 24% said they’ve dabbled a bit here and there as an organization.
  • 24% said they’ve experimented a little bit individually.
  • 22% said they haven’t looked at it.

We’ve got quite a distribution on these results, with a larger number of overall results than most weeks.  This shows it is a topic we are collectively interested in, perhaps including understanding how far along we are compared to our peers.  Collectively, we’re relatively spread out from having not looked at AI to being fully in.  As with any change, there are early adopters, followers, and late adopters.  As you consider where you are on this spectrum, consider too where others are and how that might benefit you.  If you want to dive deeper, there are likely peers who can share with you.  If you’re already all-in, what might you learn from the perspective of someone who is not?