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December, 2021



Believe [Today’s Tuesday Reading is written in remembrance of Rick Fredericks and is written by Sean McDonald, Vice-President of MOR Associates. Sean may be reached at [email protected].  Editorial Note: This is the last Tuesday Reading of 2021.  The next Tuesday Reading will be in January.]   It is a great time of year for believing. Believing is […]

Trauma-Informed Leadership

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Ben Brinkley, Director of Teaching and Learning Technology, University of Oregon. He is a current MOR program participant.  Ben may be reached at [email protected].] Trauma is a more universal part of human experience than we tend to think.  Simply put, trauma is “an emotional response to a terrible event… Immediately […]

On Mentoring

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Susan Foster, IT Business Manager at Bowdoin College. She is a current MOR program participant.  Susan may be reached at [email protected].]   In reflecting about coaching and mentoring recently, I walked through my career experience recollecting which experience was momentous. Was there one that made me realize I was in a […]