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April, 2015


More About Questions

Today’s Tuesday Reading, More About Questions, continues our discussion from the past two weeks.  As we’ve noted there, being able to ask good, well-formed questions is as important to a leader as being able to listen well.  Today, we’ll focus on crafting our questions, on asking questions, and finally on those terrible questions we should […]

Planning is Planning, whether for a Scuba Dive or a Project

Hi everyone!   As I think about what to reflect on this past week, I keep coming back to thoughts of scuba diving as I took my regulator in to get serviced this past weekend. Scuba divers are, most often, over-prepared in the planning and execution of a dive.    Below is a little bit […]

Two Powerful Tools: Being Still and 90 Minute Blocks

I have come to enjoy and value the weekly reflections as well as Jim Bruce’s Tuesday readings.  A few weeks ago in the Tuesday reading, Be Still, I was struck by the truth and simplicity of what was written in that piece.  I thought to myself, why not use “being still” as the foundation for everything that […]

Asking Good Questions

Today’s Tuesday Reading, Asking Good Questions, continues the series begun last week.  There we noted that asking good questions is as important as listening well.  After all, a major part of a leader’s job is initiating and building relationships, collaborating to craft a vision and strategies, developing an understanding of the work and desired results, […]

Asking Questions

Today’s Tuesday Reading begins a short series of readings on the subject of asking questions.  It was Voltaire who said, “It is easier to judge the mind of a man by his questions rather than his answers.” Mark Suster, entrepreneur turned venture capitalist said it this way:  “The ability to ask questions effectively is one of […]


Today’s reading, IMPACT, was written by Bruce Barton, as a reflection in one of the Leaders Program cycles.  Bruce manages the Shared Development Group of the General Library System at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.   Something I’ve been thinking about: Name five leaders.  Chances are that the same names will appear on many […]