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June, 2014


If You’re Not Helping People Develop, You’re Not Management Material

Today’s Tuesday Reading “If You’re Not Helping People Develop, You’re Not Management Material” <>, first appeared in the HBR Blog Network.  The author is Monique Valcour, Professor of Management at EDHEC business school in France.  She focuses on helping companies and individuals craft high performance, meaningful jobs, careers, workplaces, and lives. Professor Valcour argues that […]

How to Make Stress Your Friend

The Tuesday Reading for today is “How to Make Stress Your Friend,” a presentation Kelly McGonigal made at TED Global 2013.  (A transcript of the presentation can be found on the talk’s website. McGonigal is a Stanford University psychologist and a leader in the growing field of “science help” which helps us understand and implement the latest […]

Every Leader Needs a Challenger in Chief

This week’s Tuesday Reading is Every Leader Needs a Challenger in Chief, an essay, which appeared last fall at bloomberg dot com, by Noreena Hertz.  Hertz is professor of globalization at Rotterdam School om Management, Erasmus University and University College London, and is author of Eyes Wide Open:  How to Make Smart Decisions in a Confusing World. Professor […]

What To Do In Your Last 30 Days

The Tuesday Reading today is “What to do in your last 30 days,” an essay written by Helen Norris, 2007 ITLP alum, and until recently Associate CIO at California State University, Sacramento.  As of yesterday (June 2, 2014), Helen became CIO of Chapman University in Orange, California.  In a note to me, she said that […]