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March, 2005


Recovering Time

In the February 23rd and the March 16th issues of the Point Lookout email newsletter, Rich Brenner and the staff at Chaco Canyon Consulting <> present two helpful pieces on “Recovering Time.”  Given that all of us scramble to find more time for our work, I thought that I would share their ideas with you. […]

The Do's and Don'ts of Creating an Inspired Workplace

The January 28th edition of CIO carried an insightful column by John Baldoni about motivation in the workplace.  I think tht you will find it interesting. …….jim…

What I Know Now

As I was reading the current issue of Fast Company, I ran across a longer column reporting on a conversation with Joe Kraus on what he now knows.  Kraus was a founder of Excite that in 1996 became one of the biggest tech IPOs ever.  At 33 he is not starting Jotspot, a hosted Internet […]

Being Helpful – Graciously

I’ve attached another very helpful note authored by John Baldoni about how leaders can be helpful, graciously.   I think that you will find the comments useful…………….jim ON LEADERSHIP COMMUNICATION Being Helpful — Graciously BY : John Baldoni 03/01/2005 Lessons in the management art that goes one step beyond. One of Franklin Roosevelt’s favorite things to do during […]