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February, 2010


How to Rise Fast At Work: A True Story

Terry Gray, IT Leaders Program alumnus from the University of Washington, suggested today’s reading, “How To Rise Fast At Work:  A True Story”.  Terry thought that the piece might be of interest to the leaders community.  And, I agree. In this piece, its author Avril David talks about two acquaintances – whom he calls Mike and Ted […]

The Power of Trust: A Steel Cable

Today’s reading, “The Power of Trust:  A Steel Cable”, comes to us from the Mindtools Newsletter.  The author is Bruna Martinuzzi, the founder and president of a Canadian consulting company that focuses on emotional intelligence, leadership, and presentation skills training. Martinuzzi got my attention when she said:  “Trust is largely an emotional act, based on an anticipation of […]

MIT Leadership Center – From the Podium: Anne M. Mulcahy

MIT’s Leadership Center <> hosted Anne Mulcahy, then Xerox’s Chairman and CEO at the Sloan School’s Dean’s Innovative Leader Series in November 2006.  A synopsis of her remarks will be found at <> and a video of the entire presentation is available at MIT World <>. Mulcahy assumed the leadership of Xerox in 2001 when many […]

The Influencers: The Top Five Reasons Leaders Lack Influence

If you are leading a change initiative, then you must be an influencer for that initiative to be successful.  Yet studies have shown that only one in five leaders are able to influence positive change in a way that it lasts.  What’s going on? Today’s reading is “The Influencers:  The Top Five Reasons Leaders Lack Influence”.  In this […]