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How to Rise Fast At Work: A True Story

| February 23, 2010

by Jim Bruce

Terry Gray, IT Leaders Program alumnus from the University of Washington, suggested today’s reading, “How To Rise Fast At Work:  A True Story”.  Terry thought that the piece might be of interest to the leaders community.  And, I agree.

In this piece, its author Avril David talks about two acquaintances – whom he calls Mike and Ted – and their respective, different approaches to their first job, analyst at a small investment firm.

Mark did not see himself as a self-promoter, and he wasn’t sure he could outpace others at his assigned work.  He decided that he needed to begin by learning all he could about the company.  Following this path while he did this work, he built a broad network that spanned the entire company.  Ted took the more traditional path and worked like a manic to try to show that he was better than any of his peers.

You’ll have to read the entire piece to get the details and to find out who was judged the best performing employee at the end of year one.  After you’ve read the article, perhaps you might reflect on the way you work as compared to Mike’s and Ted’s approaches, and then ask whether some change in your approach might be appropriate.  And, if you conclude that some change might be appropriate, then do take the time to develop a new goal and a new set of action steps to help you make the change.  Need some coaching.  Renew contact with your peer coach or someone in your program oran alum on your campus, or your staff coach.

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