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April, 2012


’No’ is the New ‘Yes:’ Four Practices to Re-prioritize Your Life

Anna Biggers, ITLP alum from University of Oklahoma, suggested today’s reading –  “’No’ is the New ‘Yes:’  Four Practices to Re-prioritize Your Life”.  Tony Schwartz is author of this article, which appeared in the Harvard Business Review blog last January.  He is president and CDO of The Energy Project. Schwartz notes that we all have back-to-back meetings, more email […]

Leading is like Conducting an Orchestra

Today’s Tuesday Reading was written by Dana Stasiak, a participant in IT Leaders 2012, as a reflection on leadership for her cohort.  Dana is the manager for Web Services at Argonne National Laboratory.  She writes:   I was channel surfing on Sunday night after our first session and ended up on Great Performances on PBS.  As it […]

Value of Good Leaders

Earlier this year Arianna Huffington, author and syndicated columnist, spoke on the Penn State campus as part of their 2011-2012 Distinguished Speaker series.  The account of the event <> is today’s reading. In her remarks, Huffington provided a number of leadership truisms that Gary Augustson, ITLP coach and former CIO of Penn State, urged me […]

The Power of Pause

The Tuesday Reading today is a piece, “The Power of Pause”, by Ana Dutra which recently appeared in a Harvard Business Review blog.  Dutra is CEO for Leadership and Talent Consulting and Executive Vice President, at Korn Ferry International. No leader likes to be called out as tactical, short-term oriented, or for always being in the […]