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September, 2013


Bringing in the Lions

We have all had experiences when we’ve been trying to sell a new idea of strategizing as to whether to invite the critics, the naysayers, the we’ve-tried-that-before colleagues, etc. to discussions we are having to explain and explore our idea or whether we should manage attendance at these discussions to only include individuals who are […]

Prepare Your Brain for Change

A tired and stressed out brain hates change.  Change means learning, something new, creating new connections that lead to a new neural network.  And, this doesn’t go well if the brain isn’t ready.  Too often our work lives make it hard for our brain to learn – demands of our jobs and our unhealthy sleeping and eating habits. […]

Tips for Talent Management

A few good reminders from The HR Director, “Top Tips for Talent Management” Keep a finger on the pulse Create meaningful, exciting jobs Encourage personal growth  

To Strengthen Your Confidence, Look To Your Past

Among the attributes that all leaders need is confidence – not too much so as to be blinded by benign overly confidence and not too little to feel inadequate. This week’s Tuesday Reading, “To Strengthen Your Confidence, Look To Your Past” <>, comes from the pens of Amy Jen Su and Muriel Maignan Wilkins.  Su and […]