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January, 2021


Leadership and Forgiveness

Leadership and Forgiveness [Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Sean McDonald, Vice-President of MOR Associates with contributions from Thomas Bourgeois, currently in his second week as Interim CIO of the University of Arizona Global Campus. They may be reached at [email protected] and [email protected].]   Tom turned to me, after the Leading Change segment in a workshop […]

MLK and Constructive Conversations

MLK and Constructive Conversations [Today’s Tuesday Reading is by Dr. David Sweetman, MOR Associates Leadership Coach and Consultant.  David may be reached at [email protected].] Yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr Day, the United States holiday marking the birth of Dr. King.  We can reflect on the past, the journey our country has been on to achieve […]

Leaders Can Shape Events

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Brian McDonald, President of MOR Associates.  Brian may be reached at [email protected].]  Four Leadership Competencies Are:Management of MeaningManagement of AttentionManagement of TrustManagement of Self ​Warren Bennis ​Why Leaders Fail     In Warren Bennis’s book Why Leaders Fail he proposes that leaders have an opportunity to manage attention as well as manage meaning. […]

Backpack Essentials for your Leadership Journey

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Vijay Menta, CIO of Middlebury College.  Vijay may be reached at [email protected].]   We all hear about how hindsight is 20/20 and how when we reflect on things that have happened in the past, we start analyzing and continue to think about what we could’ve done or what we should’ve […]