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April, 2011


Take ownership of your meeting experience

The reading today, “Take ownership of your meeting experience”, appeared in the blog and comes from the keyboard of Danuta McCall, a senior member of the team.  The reading’s key point is that we, each as individual participants in a meeting, play a role in whether that meeting is successful or not.  We do […]

Six Habits of a Talent Magnet

Today’s reading comes from Anthony Tjan’s Harvard Business Review Blog.  Tian is CEO of the venture capital firm Cue Ball and is a recognized business builder.  The piece “Six Habits of a Talent Magnet,” which he wrote with Tsun-yan Hsiehm chair of the LinHart Group, can be found at <>. In the piece, the authors […]

The Words Many Managers Are Afraid to Say

A few weeks ago, one of the Harvard Business Review Blogs contained a short post by Linda Hill and Kent Lineback with the eye-catching title “The Words Many Managers Are Afraid to Say”.  Linda A. Hill is the Wallace Brett Donham Professor Business Administration at Harvard Business School.  Kent Lineback spent many years as a […]