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September, 2014


Take a Walk, Sure, but Don’t Call It a Break

The Tuesday Reading today is “Take a Walk, Sure, but Don’t Call It a Break”, an essay that appeared early in the year in the HBR blogs.  Its author, Dan Pallotta, is an expert in nonprofit sector innovation and a pioneering entrepreneur.  He is founder of Pallotta TeamWorks, which invented the multi-day AIDSRides and Breast […]

A lead-manage-do journey

A reflection shared by MOR Leaders alum, Jim Hall from UMN. Jim writes, “We only have so much time in a given week. How you divide your time is up to you. But where should you provide focus? Lead, manage, or do? The “lead-manage-do” concept helps us to understand the focus we need to put […]

To Get Honest Feedback, Leaders Need to Ask

Today’s Tuesday Reading is “To Get Honest Feedback, Leaders Need to Ask”, as essay from the pens of Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner which appeared on the HBR Blog Network.  Kouzes and Posner are coauthors of The Leadership Challenge:  How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen in Organizations.  Both are at Santa Clara University where Posner […]

“The Behaviors that Define A-Players”

Today’s Tuesday Reading, “The Behaviors that Define A-Players”, focuses on identifying those leadership skills that make a difference between good and exceptional individual performers.  The essay comes from the pens of Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman and appeared in the Harvard Business Review boogs.  Zenger and Folkman are CEO and president of the leadership consultancy Zenger | Folkman […]

Develop Strategic Thinkers Throughout Your Organization

The Tuesday Reading today is “Develop Strategic Thinkers Throughout Your Organization” by Robert Kabacoff, Vice President of Research at the Management Research Group.  The essay appeared in the HBR Blog earlier this year. Kabacoff begins his essay by noting that multiple studies have shown that “strategic thinkers are found to be among the most highly effective leaders.”  He […]

How to Communicate Effectively at Work

Today’s Tuesday Reading, “How to Communicate Effectively at Work”  first appeared two years ago as a nine picture slide deck embedded in a Forbes’ article  that reports on Karen Friedman’s book Shut Up And Say Something:  Business Communication Strategies to Overcome Challenges and Influence Listeners.  The author of the article is by Susan Adams. For me, […]