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July, 2021


The power of being left out

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Bill Wrobleski, Associate Vice President of Infrastructure at Penn State University.  He is a 2007 MOR alum, which he claims is the best MOR cohort of all-time.  Bill may be reached at [email protected].]   I’ve never been invited to my own team’s leadership meeting. Yes, that’s what I said. My […]

What Matters Most

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Jaci Lindburg, PhD, Associate Vice President for Digital Education and IT Strategy, University of Nebraska. She is a recent MOR program alum.  Jaci may be reached at [email protected].] At the University of Nebraska IT, one of our organization’s five strategic goals is alignment to what matters most in service to […]

I Sit Too Much … and So Do You

[Jim Bruce, today’s author, is a Senior Fellow and Executive Coach at MOR Associates. He previously was Professor of Electrical Engineering, and Vice President for Information Systems and CIO at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA. Jim can be reached at [email protected].]   Elan Goldwaser, sports medicine specialist at New York Presbyterian Hospital, puts […]

Harmony and Conflict

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Amanda Sarratore, Manager of Academic IT Services at the University of Notre Dame.  She is a MOR alum.  Amanda may be reached at [email protected].]   A couple of years ago, I completed a StrengthsFinder assessment. The StrengthsFinder assessment “created a language of the 34 most common talents,” and the assessment […]