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April, 2013


Why Courage is the Most Essential Virtue

This “reading” is a short video presenting the idea that having courage enables you to say NO to something so that you can say YES to something that really matters.  Its author is Michael Bungay Stanier, a senior partner at Box of Crayons, a Toronto-based organization with the slogan “do less Good Work in order […]

The Boston Bombing Was Close to Home

Brian McDonald reflects on the horrific set of events that took place in Greater Boston and he points out several enduring leadership principles.   .  .  .  jim   The Boston Bombing Was Close to Homeby Brian McDonald, President, MOR Associates, Watertown, MA Marathon Monday is a wonderful tradition in Boston going back 117 years. It […]

"Small Ball" Leadership

It’s the job of the leader to keep the team “on point,” heading with a laser-like focus on getting the results the team committed to deliver to its sponsor.  This good reminder for all of us comes from Robert O’Malley, Director Electronic Research Administration, University Information Systems, University of Colorado. Is it time for you […]

Bring Courtesy Back to the Workplace

Ron Ashkenas, managing partner of Schaffer Consulting and author of The GE Work-Out and Simply Effective begins his essay in the HBR blog with the declaration that “Respect towards others should be standard behavior in the workplace, regardless of role, rank, or reputation.”  Sounds like a reasonable proposition, not only for work but for all of life.  Certainly, in the […]

What Leading With Vision Really Means

Erika Andersen is a leadership coach and founder of Proteus International, a consulting, coaching, and training firm focused on leader readiness. Her essay appeared in a Fast Company newsletter. Andersen notes that people want leaders who look beyond today, who have and compellingly articulate a clear positive future state toward which they can focus their efforts.  In […]