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November, 2012


Candor, Criticism, Teamwork

Today’s reading is “Candor, Criticism, Teamwork” by Keith Ferrazzi, CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight, a research-based consulting and training company.  He is also author of the book Who’s Got Your Back.  The essay first appeared in the HBR blog. Ferrazzi begins by noting that while the desire to avoid conflict is understandable, it is one of the […]

Doing’ and ‘Being’ a Leader: Not the Same Thing

Today’s Tuesday Reading comes from Leading Effectively, the blog of the Center for Creative Leadership and is  “’Doing’ and ‘Being’ a Leader:  Not the Same Thing.”  The essay can be found at <>.  The blog post is by Clemson Turregano who designs and delivers CCL leadership programs for senior military and government officials. Turregano begins his essay with […]

What Would the Next CIO Do? How to Preempt Your Successor

Today’s Reading, “What Would the Next CIO Do?  How to Preempt Your Successor ” deceptively titled.  If you are a leader, the article is really for you!   The essay’s author is Bryon Payne, CIO at North Georgia College and State University, and it first appeared at   Payne’s thesis is very simple:  new […]

Questions That Lead to Results

Today’s Tuesday Reading is “Questions That Lead to Results”.  This article comes from the Wharton Leadership Digest’s Nano Tools for Leaders and was contributed by Marilee Adams, President and founder of the Inquiry Institute and author of ”Change Your Questions, Change Your Life.“ The goal of this Nano Tool is to change your and your team’s […]